Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

These Standard Terms and Conditions for Internet Advertising /Sponsorships will be for the Term of One Year or Less, and is intended to offer Local Businesses Online Advertising Space throughout the United States separated by Business Category/City/State. 


- Once your order has been placed, you will have the ability to Create an Account and will be provided with a user name and password.

- Once you Create Your Ad, your advertisement will go live immediately.  (1. Create an Account, 2. Create your ad = Advertisement goes live.)

- Your advertisement consists of your: Profile Picture, Company Logo, Name, Address, Phone Number, E-mail, Links to your Website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Zillow.

- All Sponsors receive a section to place a brief description of the company that they write themselves.


- There is no set number on how many agents, or a specific type of business we will allow per city. Once Veterans' Memorial News feels that there is an adequate amount of sponsors in a specific business category, or in a specific city/state, VMN will stop adding new advertisers to that particular city and business category.

- 1 month, 6 month, and 1 year terms of Advertisement / Sponsorship 

-  Sponsorships will auto-renew. We require a written cancellation notice prior to your scheduled annual renewal, otherwise  your account will auto-renew. If you do not contact us in writing via email up to 15 days before scheduled renewal you will be charged account cancellation and processing fees assessed.

-  Sponsors will be contacted by a VMN Representative anywhere between 30-60 days before your advertisement/sponsorship expires.

- All Sponsors have the ability to change or update your profile whenever you want. If a sponsor is having any problems uploading logos or profile pictures,  please e-mail webmaster@vmnusa.com.

-  All changes that are made through webmaster requests will appear on the website 24-48 hours after receiving your request.

- All Orders made for Advertisement/Sponsorship are final.

- An Invoice or Receipt Summary is always available upon request.

- Sponsors will be given 48 hours from the purchase date/time to Create their Account/Ad, If a Sponsor does not Create An Account/Ad, an Account & Ad will be created for you

- Sponsors will receive an e-mail notification of their login credentials for the ability to make any changes to their Account/Ad that was created for them.

III.Expiration of Advertisement/Sponsorship:

- Your time on the website will begin 48 hours after your order has been made.

- Sponsorship will auto-renew.

- Sponsors will be contacted by a VMN Representative via phone and/or e-mail anywhere between 30-60 days before your advertisement/sponsorship expires. 

IV. Other Terms & Conditions:

- Compliance with Law:  Agency, Advertiser, and Media Company will at all times comply with all federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, regulations, and codes which are applicable to their performance of their respective obligations

- User Volunteered Data:  All User Volunteered Data is the property of Advertiser, is subject to the Advertiser’s posted privacy policy, and is considered Confidential Information of Advertiser.

- Agency Use of Data:  Agency will not:  (i) use Collected Data unless Advertiser is permitted to use such Collected Data, nor (ii) use Collected Data in ways that Advertiser is not allowed to use such Collected Data.

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