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“…I LEARNED MY WORK ETHIC FROM JIM CAMERON…” ON THE BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE TITANICGary had the unique opportunity to join the cast of the movie “Titanic” on set in Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico. Originally hired as a core extra, Gary was quickly promoted to Body Double for Leonardo DiCaprio. Gary worked directly with Leo, Kate Winslet, the rest of the cast, plus Jim Cameron every day. Every shot and scene with Leo in it had to be set up by Gary. Underwater scenes, on the ship, everything. Days lasted 18 hoursmore six days a week for a year. The first and last person Gary saw on set every day was Jim Cameron. Gary says, “I learned my work ethic from Jim Cameron, Jim was absolutely amazing. I slept maybe fourfive hours a night, but Jim was always there making sure his vision was uncompromised. When he wasn’t on set he was in editingsomewhere else working.” Gary watched as studio execs visited set to admonish Jim, and try to change something in the movie, change something in Jim’s vision.“Jim always stuck to his guns, worked harder than everyone else, and got his movie, his vision, made”. Gary learned those traits from Jim work harder than everyone else, stick tirelessly to your guns, and follow your vision to its successful completion. Gary's grandfather was a casualty in Vietnam, he loves to help service members find their perfect properties and loves Northeast Florida, lives in Jacksonville, and looks forward to working tirelessly for you.