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Joe Cataulin
9471 Baymeadows Rd Suite 308
Jacksonville, Florida 32256
Phone: 904-562-5652
Cell: 904-607-4376
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Hello! Are you looking to buy, sell or invest in real estate? As a Florida licensed realtor, I’ll be happy to help! With seventeen years of combined mortgage banking/real estate experience and the power of Century 21, I’d make an excellent negotiator for your transaction. Additionally, I have the ability to detect and solve challenges before they become a problem, resulting in a stress free deal and smooth closing. As a Jacksonville, FL native and Fleming Island resident, Joe knows Jax! I’ll provide you with a high level of customer service. Choose me as your local real estate professional and trusted advisor!

Cheri LaVigne
175 Hampton Point St
St. Augustine, Florida 32092
Phone: 9046712660
Cell: 9046712660
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Realtor® Realtor®
Tara Belanger
1326 South 3rd Street
Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32081
Phone: 904-249-8261
Cell: 904-501-9037
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I was born and raised in the Hudson River Valley next to West Point in New York. In high school, my father took a job in a northern suburb of Atlanta where I also attended Kennesaw State University and received a bachelor's degree in Marketing. While in college, I gained experience within the credit industry that continues to be invaluable today. After the birth of my two children, I enjoyed homeschooling them for several years and even had the wonderful opportunity to travel through Europe with them. Like many from Atlanta, we often escaped the traffic and drove to the nearest beach for relaxation and to unwind. Jacksonville Beach and Ponte Vedra Beach seemed to keep calling me back until it became my permanent home. I think everyone should love where they live. I have always been drawn to the world of real estate and have personally gone through multiple relocations, sales and new builds of my own. I was truly inspired by genuine and effective agents in my past, and know the value of a good agent when going through this important transition - buying or selling! I enjoy creating relationships with buyers and sellers while matching them to a home that is just right for them and their family.

Realtor Realtor
Gary DeLellis
4514 Alpha Ave
Jacksonville, Florida 32205
Phone: 904-582-4241
Cell: 904-582-4241
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“…I LEARNED MY WORK ETHIC FROM JIM CAMERON…” ON THE BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE TITANICGary had the unique opportunity to join the cast of the movie “Titanic” on set in Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico. Originally hired as a core extra, Gary was quickly promoted to Body Double for Leonardo DiCaprio. Gary worked directly with Leo, Kate Winslet, the rest of the cast, plus Jim Cameron every day. Every shot and scene with Leo in it had to be set up by Gary. Underwater scenes, on the ship, everything. Days lasted 18 hoursmore six days a week for a year. The first and last person Gary saw on set every day was Jim Cameron. Gary says, “I learned my work ethic from Jim Cameron, Jim was absolutely amazing. I slept maybe fourfive hours a night, but Jim was always there making sure his vision was uncompromised. When he wasn’t on set he was in editingsomewhere else working.” Gary watched as studio execs visited set to admonish Jim, and try to change something in the movie, change something in Jim’s vision.“Jim always stuck to his guns, worked harder than everyone else, and got his movie, his vision, made”. Gary learned those traits from Jim work harder than everyone else, stick tirelessly to your guns, and follow your vision to its successful completion. Gary's grandfather was a casualty in Vietnam, he loves to help service members find their perfect properties and loves Northeast Florida, lives in Jacksonville, and looks forward to working tirelessly for you.

Nooney Nancy
4554 Iroquois Ave
Jacksonville, Florida 32210
Cell: 904-710-4786
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Realtor® / Navy Diver Veteran Realtor® / Navy Diver Veteran
Patrick Davis
Realtor® / Navy Diver Veteran
10509 Colerain Rd. Suite B
St. Marys, Georgia 31558
Phone: 904-658-1177
Cell: 318-557-4235
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Tina Comstock
Real Estate Advisor
758 3rd St South
Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250
Phone: 904-866-3117
Cell: 904-866-3117
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Sell Fast & Buy Right with the Comstock Team

Melissa Balestra
500 Centre Street
Fernandina beach , Florida 32034
Phone: 757-240-1545
Cell: 757-240-1545
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Melissa Balestra is a Realtor with many backgrounds. She is well known as Missy and in January of 2019, she found herself at a crossroad. She had been a paralegal for 17 years and 10 years into that career she decided to move from the office to owning her own virtual paralegal business. She owned her own business for 7 years until her main attorney decided to shut down his firm and let her go. It was then she decided to become a realtor. With her good nature and kind heart, this was the career she knew she was meant for.As she stated, “For my next job, I wanted to still be independent by being my own boss while meeting new people. In my previous job, I interacted with less people and more documents. That can be quite lonely at times.”On a personal level, Melissa has a personable personality that her customers instantly fall in love with. One minute you are describing your real estate goals and the next she has you feelingyou´re living right inside your real estate dreams.Missy has found her niche working with buyers and sellers, from first time home owners to those looking for their next home, she does it all. She explains “In all these transactions, it is an emotional process that requires a different kind of set skill.” She demonstrates next-level empathy and patience, going the extra mile to find the client just the right fit. Missy is also certified as a Military Relocation Profession, making her ideal for military staff clients looking for options that take advantage of military benefits and support.Missy offers a professional, but personal experience, and a real estate agent with an unwavering passion in walking people towards home ownership. With vast expertise and local market knowledge of the Florida market, Missy not only offers transactional help, but also tops it up with an aggressive approach to helping her clients locate good investment deals. She then employs vigorous negotiating skills to help them get the house at the right price.Aside from the savvy real estate agent she is, Missy is a wife and mother to two children. Her ultimate goal has always been for her children to be proud of who their mom is.