Loan Officer <br>NMLS # 219567</br> Loan Officer <br>NMLS # 219567</br>
Christine Turpen
Loan Officer
NMLS # 219567
6733 Academy NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109
Phone: 505-219-3248
Cell: 505-235-0688
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Working at First Mortgage Company in Albuquerque I am able to offer my clients a broad range of mortgage products to meet their individual needs, while the company's sterling reputation allows me to offer top-notch service. In addition to 10 years of experience in the home loan industry and extensive knowledge in USA Cares Certified Military Housing, I also specialize in satisfaction and happiness.

At First Mortgage Company, we believe in treating every customer with respect and dignity. Your loan is the most important thing to you, and it is up to me to make sure it is handled that way. That's why I make it my goal to maintain constant contact with all parties involved in the transaction.

I've lived in Albuquerque for 46 years and I attended the University of New Mexico. My strong community ties keep me informed about the local home events and neighborhoods. I look forward to including you in a very large group of satisfied customers in our area. Give me a call today, and we'll work together to tailor a solution that meets your financial needs.

Danny Martin
NMLS #840546
9500 Montgomery Blvd, NE
Albuqeruerque, New Mexico 87111
Phone: 505-480-7465
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You Served US - Now Let US Serve YOU! Thank you for your Service to our Country !

Branch Manager Branch Manager
Desiree Lowe
Branch Manager
4365 Executive Drive Suite 300
San Diego , California 92101
Phone: 858-345-4713
Cell: 858-263-5900
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Sarah Gmyr-Maez
Branch Manager
8000 Paseo Del Norte NE Unit A3
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87122
Phone: 505-219-0515
Cell: 505-319-0622
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I love handling VA transactions. I have helped many veterans over the years please call me so I can get you into your new home.